100% Natural

Astaxanthin Supplement

Workout Recovery

Relieves Pain &

Internal Skin
& Sun Protection


What is AstaFactor?

AstaFactor is a proprietary branded 100% natural astaxanthin supplement. It was created and formulated by a group of scientists who were the first to study and pioneered astaxanthin for human consumption. AstaFactor is a superior antioxidant and has been proven and trusted since 2000.

Developed by the Pioneers of Astaxanthin

AstaFactor was developed in 2000 when a group of researchers and scientists studied its strong antioxidant properties for farmed salmon. Their extensive research uncovered the health benefits to humans and lead to the first ever astaxanthin supplement developed for human benefit, AstaFactor.

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Why Take AstaFactor?

Anti Inflammatory

Astaxanthin benefits individuals experiencing chronic inflammation by suppressing different inflammatory mediators.

Promotes Joint Health

Natural Astaxanthin inhibits inflammation associated with sore muscles and stiff joints.


Research shows that astaxanthin benefits cognition, joints and various parts of the body that commonly deteriorate when getting older.

Boosts Immune System

On-going astaxanthin studies suggest that astaxanthin also exhibits potent anti-inflammatory and immune regulating capabilities and improves the immune defense system by modulating T cell-mediated responses.

Workout Recovery

When we exercise, the body increases its use of oxygen. One of the byproducts of oxygen metabolism is free radicals that occur at the muscle tissue and joint sites resulting in soreness and fatigue.

Brain Function

Improves Cognitive Function Crosses the blood brain barrier making it available to the central nervous system including the eyes and brain.

Super Antioxidant

Astaxanthan's antioxidant power is 6,000 times stronger than Vitamin C. 

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