The Science
Behind AstaFactor

Developed by the Pioneers of Astaxanthin

AstaFactor was developed in 2000 when a group of researchers and scientists studied its strong antioxidant properties for farmed salmon. Their extensive research uncovered the health benefits to humans and lead to the first ever astaxanthin supplement developed for human benefit, AstaFactor.

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What is Astaxanthin

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The Importance of Antioxidants

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How Astaxanthin Works

Oxidative Stress Effects on Joints and Muscles

How Does AstaFactor Compare to Other Antioxidants

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The Importance of Crossing the Blood Brain Barrier

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AstaFactor Safe?

Yes. Mera Pharmaceuticals conducted a study specifically to examine the effects of astaxanthin, the active ingredient in AstaFactor, on healthy humans. After 927 patient/days of taking daily astaxanthin, even at up to 4 times the recommended dose, no ill effects, including no G.I. effects, were reported by any of the subjects taking AstaFactor. Additional studies by others have corroborated our results.

What is the recommended dosage?

The recommended dosage is two 5 mg softgel capsules per day, totaling 10 mg per day. Most athletes report using 10 mg per day and many increase dosage to up to 20 mg before heavy exercise or competition.


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